Woodbridge, Ontario

Adriana is giggly and bubbly; Augusto is easy going and practical; and together, they are one of the most compassionate and down to earth couple I've been so fortunate to have met and I just love them both to bits! As family were flying in from all over Europe to witness the marriage of Adriana and Augusto, the day began at Augusto's parents' modest home, where the aroma of espresso was filling the air. Over the watchful eye of his young niece, Augusto was getting ready with the hands of his beloved father and mother. As we took the celebrations out into the streets of Toronto, a wonderful man drove by in a black pick-up truck and began handing out Canadian Flags in honour of Canada Day. It was such an amazing, spontaneous, gesture from this gentleman that made the day even more memorable!

Just down the street, Adriana and the girls had just returned from the hair stylist to the family home where a well prepared light lunch was waiting for them. Out in the backyard, Adriana's father has been working on a labour of love creating an Italian inspired garden where he had always hoped his daughters would utilize for their wedding. As Adriana's mother and sister (MOH) helped Adriana prepare for her big walk, Augusto was already waiting at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

The photo session took place at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Vaughn where the unique architecture and deep layers of forest made for one of the most beautiful settings that you could get lost in! Now, if you know anything about Canadian summers, you know the heat and humidity can be unforgiving and relentless! This summer was no exception with it's intense temperatures reaching as high as 45°C, but the smoltering heat didn't smother out the excitement and celebrations of Adriana and Augusto's big day....

flower girl
Canada Day
Canadian flags
wedding shoes
bride getting ready
bride perfume
Greek Orthodox church
Greek Orthodox
family group shot
McMichael Art gallery