Scarborough, Ontario

During a time of strange uncertainty, Ana and Abiy were forced to postpone their wedding in light of Covid19, not once but twice. With the ambition of hosting a princess sized wedding in front of all their love ones, they began to recognize, as time went on, that the likelihood may not be realized. They have been patient and understanding to the circumstances, but wanted to push forward. As months passed and restrictions began to lift, they opted for a smaller, backyard, sunset wedding to say their vows.  

With the accompaniment of just immediate family, and the power of live streaming through Facebook, they put together a heart warming celebration of love and joy. Abiy, and his brothers, had spent the last week prior to the wedding renovating their backyard for the wedding. Having only the knowledge from YouTube, they laid down the groundwork, leveled the stone, and nourished the new grass. When asked what Abiy did the morning of the wedding he said to have built the ceremony arch structure just a few hours before the wedding! He gave her a wedding! I couldn't think of anything more romantic and dedicated to have built your wedding, with your bare hands, for the one you love.

On the table, by the alter, laid a book that was to be gifted to Abiy from Ana. Ana explained that, from the day she met Abiy, she began to write her thoughts down into the diary. She shared her most inner thoughts and vulnerabilities with the one whom she loves most. It was a remarkable symbol of trust and guardianship that Ana carries with Abiy.

While Covid19 stood in the way of their big wedding plans, it didn't stand in the way of their love. Abiy and Ana are a couple that is protected by love, support and faith. I truly wish for them the most beautiful life together in each other's care.