Whitby, Ontario

I have known Noel all my life. He is a passionate, determined and an adventurous person who embraces wellness and a healthy lifestyle with an open mind. So when I was asked to photograph a few images of him performing his yoga routine, I was incredibly excited to see the power and strength that he's gained first hand and I was so happy that he brought his fiance, Martha! With her saintly patience, insatiable sense of humour, and her grounded nature Noel and Martha's compatibility for each other is unmatched.

While we were walking through the paths of Lynde Shores Conservation Park, out in Whitby, I was expressing to them how much this is one of my favourit parks in all of Ontario when a deer stepped out of the bushes and casually walked passed us. "It's not uncommon" I explained, that Lynde Shoes is a haven for animals of all kinds. As we continued on our way, I saw the lighting change as it hit Martha and Noel and knew that this was a moment to capture something special!

Long Live The Northa!

hand stand
wild life
Lake Ontario
sunset yoga
Lynde Shores Conservation Park
field of flowers