To Have & To Hold

Your wedding day will be one of the most precious milestones in your life. This exclusive Lace Studios product is a one-of-a-kind way to showcase your memories, your love, and your celebration for each other.

Reveal Photo Box | 550+

Handmade by skilled craftsmen, and enriched by high quality Eco Deluxe Leather, you will fall in love with your Reveal Box! Showcase your mood by having the freedom to interchange your box of twenty, 8" x 10", framed images and displaying them in all the elegance and grace they deserve!

Folio Box | 650+

Can't decide? Why not have the best of both worlds! Feast your eyes on our gorgeous Folio Box, capable of housing twenty, 8" x 10" prints and accompanied with our custom rose-gold crystal USB. You will fall in love with the look, touch, and design of your Folio Box!

Photo Book| 350+

A simple and classic way to share your memories with the ones you love, and the ones to come. Hold your images in our hardcover, premium layflat, textile photobook. Feel free to customize the colour and texture of your photobook that span from eco-leather to soft linen and know that everything is entirely Canadian made and manufactured by proud Torontonians. Want any specific images included in the book? Absolutely, just provide a list, or send me a copy of the images of your choice, and know that your photobook was specifically designed and curated to tell your story.

*Additional $25 per page