Guelph, Ontario

One of the most beautiful couples, inside and out, that I ever had the honour of capturing. Their kind, generous and respecting nature was overwhelming when we first met on their engagement shoot out in Guelph, Ontario. Amanda and her parents invited us in their homes with pizza, beer, and wholesome conversation -- it was as though we walked into an old friend's home and had a lifetime of catching-up! Nevertheless, Amanda and Maxime's wedding was filled with more love, joy, and laughter than one could find in a lifetime.

The day began with the Amanda being decorated in her grandmother's Emerald ring, her mother's head fingertip length veil, and dressed in her parent's home built by her father's two-hands. Meanwhile, staying at the Mohawk Inn & Casino, Maxime had travelled from Ottawa and was dressed to the-9's with his high-energy groomsmen! Everyone got a free tan as the day was filled with clear blue skies and sunshine as we all celebrated at the Country Heritage Park out in Milton, Ontario. Amanda & Maxime's first-dance will be one to remember as the song was a personal creation by their cousin, and beautifully sang by Amanda's Sister. A breathtaking experience to witness such a level of how unique, personal and intimate their wedding has been.

I can't say enough just how wonderful a couple, and as people, Amanda and Maxime are; and I feel blessed to have met them and their loving family. Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day and to have set foot in your life!

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Outdoor wedding
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