Guelph, Ontario

This sunset engagement session with Amanda and Maxime was the stuff of dreams! Maxime is a supportive, attentive, and a doting companion with a strong personality and a smile to match. Amanda is a strong, independent and compassionate woman who has found her way into the world as the Senate of Canada's Director of Parliamentary Affairs. Together, they are the most loving couple I've ever met! Their commitment to, not only for themselves, but for the wellbeing of the general public is nothing short of admirable! It was evident as a strong shared family value and principle that people, of all else, is what was important.

Hidden in the farmlands of Guelph, in a not-so-easy to find location on Google Maps, Amanda's parents were warm and welcoming when we arrived on their home farmland. We were encouraged to explore, not only their property, but the neighboring land as well to incorporate. When nightfall came, Amanda's parents were insistent that we share pizza, cake, refreshments and more! We shared ideas, politics, religion -- we could have talked the night away, but Amanda's father was adamant that we stay for his signature bonfire, and my-oh-my can he throw a spear!

This was such an amazing experience; To be given the opportunity to meet and indulge in the company with such incredibly wonderful people, this is what makes me love photography even more.

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farm girl
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golden hour
sunset engagement