Toronto, Ontario

Despite the challenges that Covid-19 can throw at a newly engaged couple, Katelyn and Derek were always one step ahead. Ensuring that they had a back-up plan for their back-up plan, these two were able to put together a wedding that embodied everything to do with simplicity and elegance. The big day began at Derek's parents, Debbie and Randy's, modern and stunning home. With large open windows to let in as much of that gorgeous natural light into the space, it was the perfect setting for Katelyn and Derek's getting ready portion of the day. As Derek was getting ready, he examined his shoes and noted that the last time he wore them was during the pre-covid days. Covered in a decent amount of dust, Randy diligently dug through every possible place to find an old shoe shining tin. As Randy began to scrub, rub and shine, Derek's shoes were finding new life once again. On the other side of the house, Katelyn was putting on the final touches of her makeup while waiting anxiously to say her "I Do's". As the girls started the celebration a little early with a bottle of prosecco, Katelyn barely touched the cork when it fired off like a canon and putting all in shock! Champagne blessed the bed and the girls drank in the day.

Out in the backyard, plates were being set, the DJ was hooking up, the final arrangements for the Chuppah was taking place and the bride and groom were getting for their First Look, only they had their first look twice: one for their wedding and a recreation of their first date. 

Just as we were getting some of the portrait photos in, the skies began to open up and the rain persisted to downpour for the next hour or so. Derek and Katelyn planned for this wedding during a pandemic, a few raindrops was not going to faze this couple! Their Live-Stream was set up, the officiant was ready, and the makeup was still on point; and so, Katelyn and Derek tied the knot under their own waterfall under the eyes of an exclusive invitation of 15 people to their intimate wedding ceremony.

As they finally sealed their marriage with a kiss, the skies lifted and the rain calmed just in time to get the celebration started! 

Thank-You's To:

Wedding Planners: Trade Sensation Events

Live Stream: FRESH Canadian Content

Officiant: True Ceremonies

Floral: Bloom by Robin

Make-Up: SK Makeup Artistry

DJ & MC: Magen Boys & David Monaco

Catering: Sean’s Kitchen

Rentals: Gervais


Ice-Cream Truck: Toronto Softee